July 16, 2015


In the heart of the medieval trading system lies Torun, which first joined the Hanseatic League (‘the Hanza”) in 1280 A.D. Torun was at that time the largest port in what is now Poland, based on the freshwater of the River Vistula. Torun would be surpassed by Gdansk (Danzig) on the Baltic coast eventually but both share a legacy as major centres of trade with not only the Northern European cities of Prussia and the Hanza but also nations as far afield as Russia and Hungary.
The Hanza traded with the world as well as promoting cultural and business links amongst Northern European merchant cities in the Baltic sea region and Western Europe.
In 2013, I decided to create Hanza Cafe, a centre for meetings and initiatives as well as a place to enjoy great coffee, for the local community in Torun and the surrounding area. In search of unique flavours, with an eye on local history, I made the decision to start baking a favourite delicacy for which our city, the birthplace of Copernicus, is also famous for – gingerbread.

This marked a first step in the recreation of some elegant handcrafted goods.

After gingerbread I decided to bring teas from the farthest corners of the world.

Meanwhile, it no longer made sense to source mass produced coffee, particularly when it could take 2-3 months after being roasted to be delivered from Italy (the Hanza was arguably faster seven centuries ago!)

So at the beginning of 2015 years I took matters into my own hands, creating the first batches of two unique blends: Thorn and Danzig.

Our coffee delivers a good product at a sensible price: we know quality and freshness of coffee are crucial in creating a unique and elegant drink.

At Manufaktura Hanza our maxim is to provide you with high quality products delivering modern values in classic products.