Manufaktura Hanza

Hanza (from old German hansa- a group) a league of Northern European merchant cities formed in the middle ages initially protecting and later on organizing a trade between Baltic Sea zone and Western Europe.

The wealth and strenth of Torun, its monumental and precious gothic buildings and political importance was attributed to the location by the Vistula River, about 200 km from the sea. In XII, XIV century it is Torun that established itself as the largest port connected to seafaring on today’s Polish land, being part of Hanseatic League since 1280 as one of the most important members performing important functions. Through this port Prussian, Polish, Russian and Hingarian trade with Western Europe was made. This way, also alluded cultural and social contacts until the late fourteenth and fifteenth century when the role was taken over by Gdańsk (Danzig).



2014-09-01-02.41.59-1-169x300When in 2013 I decided to create Hanza Cafe- place for many initiatives, meetings, involving the local Torun and the surrounding area community ; in search of unique flavors, I made the decision to start baking a favorite delicacy the city is famous for Copernicus from ages- gingerbread.

Thus was born the desire to return to the tradition of handicrafts.

After gingerbread I have decided to bring teas from the farthest corners of the world.

The introduction of freshly roasted coffee in our cafe was not just a matter of necessity- we have had a supplier- a small coffee roaster in northern Italy. Unfortunately, mass production meant its delivery varied, quite often we would get the coffee after 2-3 months from the date of roasting.

So at the beginning of 2015 years I decided to take matters into own hands and resulting in bringing first batches: Thorn and Danzig, that respond to the needs of people for whom the quality and freshness of coffee are crucial in this unique tasting drink.

I wish you and your life that was full of true values and the search for a compromise led to the highest quality!